Sunday, May 19, 2019

the spring sail

Just shy of 200 miles, above is the track for the spring sail.  Lots of wind, most commonly coming from the direction in which I was to go - which was fine, I wanted to push myself a little bit on this trip.  Lots of fun, good sailing, found some beautiful anchorages (in creeks that I had passed by more than a few times) and met some nice folks along the way.


Rich said...

Congratulations Steve! And thanks for the photos of your trip!

Steve said...

Thanks, Rich. Lots more photos to sort through. steve

johnz said...

200 miles is a lot of ground in your open boat. Very inspiring. I was out the last few nights looking at the same moon, must have been spectacular floating in your private anchorages. And the photos are all wonderful, thanks for sharing.