Thursday, November 14, 2019

day thirteen - a few more creeks

I sleep in after a night with much more wind, a colder wind, than expected overnight.  A picture perfect morning.  Blue skies and sunshine.  The north wind is still there, strong enough that I tuck in a reef.

Sail off anchor just after 8:00.  Leaving the cove I see hand tongers hauling oysters up on to a deadrise.  Backbreaking work it seems to me.  Making 4.6 once out on Broad Creek and I'm glad I put in the reef.  

It's a day for exploring.  Enter Leadenhamp Creek at 9:00, riding the gusts up the creek that turns west and then north.  Tuck in the second reef at 10:30, sailing past a little creek that I called Paradise Creek when I anchored there a few years ago. 

Back out on Broad Creek at 10:45, making 4.8 sailing wing and wing, the sun straight ahead and it is cool in the shade of the sails.  

Off Irish Creek at 11:30, Benoni Point at the mouth of the Tred Avon at noon.  I consider heading in to Oxford but at this time of the year the waterfront restaurant will be closed for the season.  

Chloro Point at 12:50, I shake out the second reef as I know I'll be sailing upwind soon.

Enter LaTrappe Creek at 1:20 making 5.2 in a gusty breeze forward of beam.  A hundred yards up the winding creek the wind calms.  My anchorage is to port just past the little sand spit but I continue on up the main creek to see what there is too see.  An afternoon tacking back and forth on the tree-lined creek, where else would I want to be?  Past Connolly Point I can see the masts of the boats in Dickerson Harbor.  We turn back downwind and explore another creek that branches off to the west.  Then back to LaTrappe Creek for an easy sail back down to the sandpit, slipping in to the anchorage with trees on the north shore blocking the wind and a farm to the stern.  

Anchor down 3:00.  Spicy Thai noodles for dinner.

Running total 325.2 NM

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