Thursday, July 30, 2020

my day, made

I used to see the woman on my morning walks along the waterfront before going into work.  She would go out to the end of the pier behind the museum, lower herself out of her wheelchair and sit with her arm wrapped around her dog.  A Labrador maybe.  The woman and the dog side-by-side, the wheelchair a few feet away.  A sight so serene that I would bypass the pier and leave them in their joyous solitude.

I did not notice the woman this morning until she called out to me.  I was sailing and she was in her wheelchair on the waterfront, dog by her side, possibly on her way to or from the pier.  She said she enjoyed the sight of the small boat sailing in the morning light.  "You just made my morning" she said across the water.

And she had just made my day.

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