"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

day seven - the Frying Pan

Sail off anchor at 6:00 after a calm, cool and comfortable night.  East breeze, 2.4 in the beautiful morning light.

At 7:00 making 3.0 sailing north on South Lake.  7:30 sail into East Lake with the thought of sailing northeast to Haulover Pt and seeing if I can pass through the cut on to Albemarle Sound and head to Manteo from there.  Blustery wind on the nose and the charts show a "caution" in the narrow gap.  Also need to make sure I get gas and water today, don't know if I can reach Manteo.  I turn downwind to the Alligator River and the Alligator River marina.

Out on the river round up at 8:15 to tie two sets of reef points in the main.  Enter the marina, which is really a bunch of slips behind a minimart, at 9:45.  Empty trash, buy gas and a couple bottles of water.  10:15 pass through the bridge and sailing with a double reefed main.  

Wind dropping off quickly, full sail at 10:40 heading south on the Alligator River.

I search the trees on shore at 1:00 looking for the narrow gap that leads in to the Frying Pan.  The entrance channels angles to the northeast and a small stand of trees hides when looking from out on the river.  Trusting the gps I turn in through a stand of dying trees and find my way up the channel.  

Anchor down 1:40 near a little island north of Babbit Bay.  Mid-afternoon the winds pick up out of the southwest, building incredibly fast.  Raise anchor and motor a mile south (X) to better protection in the bay.  Forecast says high winds all through the night and in to the next day.  


Set up the boom tent and read in the afternoon, turning on the gps now and then to make sure the anchor is holding.  It holds well as we swing back and forth is the gusts.  Lasagna for dinner.

23.24 NM for the day


David Swanson said...

I anchored there a couple years ago, not quite as far in as you were. It was a scary entrance, and it felt like the edge of nowhere. Hopefully your stay was as pleasant as mine.

Steve said...

Let's just say it was a safe stay. Howling winds and a couple lines of severe thunderstorms the next day. It proved to be a good anchorage for that. I found that water depths are better than advertised on the charts. And yes, agreed, it felt like the edge of nowhere. I have stayed there on calmer days/nights in the past and always enjoyed it. Steve