Sunday, June 4, 2023

the end of the sail

I sailed into the marina at Chestertown this morning, quite literally sailed in as my outboard has given up on me   With wind out of the east and the tide running west, it was an interesting sail under mizzen and jib to come into the marina and turn up into the slip.   The dock master told me he thought I was either crazy or knew exactly what I was doing   I told him I belonged in a third category:  I had no other choice.

 The SPOT tracking map shows the sail including Onancock to the south and now Chestertown to the north.  I would have liked to stayed out another week but with the outboard problems I thought it best to come in.  I need to get the outboard back in shape plus some stitching done on the jib so that I am ready for Maine.  

It has been a good, enjoyable cruise on the Bay. 


Enrico said...

Ops! I'm sorry to read this. The unexpected is part of the Adventure. Anyway, I understand you managed well the situation. Good job. And thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Enrico. It was a good trip. Four weeks would have been better but three weeks is not bad. Steve

Rich D. said...

Congratulations on completing another adventure Steve! I always enjoy following your Log! Best Wishes, Rich

Steve said...

Thanks, Rich. It was a great trip. Steve