Wednesday, June 3, 2009

day two - evening

What a great day. In seven hours of sailing we had a beautiful morning, a heavy rain storm, a great broad reach down Pamlico Sound and a run towards Swan Quarter as we slipped by a few more storms. In seven hours we sailed over 27 nautical miles with a top speed of 6.3 knots. Quite a ride. It felt good to finally drop the anchor in a little, well protected creek off the western shore of Spencer Bay.
Bruce's menu for the evening included boneless pork chops and mashed potatoes. This was our first experiment with dry ice in a collapsible cooler and it worked very well. The block of dry ice, about the size of a thick hardback book and weighing 10 pounds, came from the grocery store. We first froze our pork chops and sirloin steak (dinner for day three) in the freezer at my house, put them on the bottom of the cooler and set the block of dry ice on top of that and then put cooler and all back in the freezer until we left Saturday morning. We also added a couple of frozen bottles of drinking water and put newspapers over the top of all that. The morning of day two I pulled out the pork chops and put them on top of everything - the steak, dry ice, water bottles and newspaper - to thaw. Timing was perfect and the chops were thawed, yet still cold when we pulled them out at the anchorage that evening.
(Once empty, the cooler was easily collapsed and stowed up forward. When we stayed at hotels in Bath and Oriental we used the empty, lightweight cooler to carry the expensive equipment - gps's, spots, epirb, radios and binoculars - up to our room.)

Bruce kept his standards high and made a garlic/shallot/white wine sauce to pour over the mashed potatoes and cubed pork chops. We had a little white wine left over and sipped it as dinner sizzled on the griddle.
The meal was great! I wish I had some photographs of the finished product, but I was too hungry to let a camera get between me and dinner that night.

After dinner I did a little fishing, but didn't get a bite. (I'll ruin the suspense right now and let you know I did not catch any fish during the trip. I should have taken the cow-nosed ray on the first cast as an omen and left the fishing rod in the holder.)

Bruce had a great evening taking photographs of birds and the setting sun. A really memorable evening on a beautiful creek. I hope he'll do a post soon and show some more of the photographs he made as the sun went down.

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