Thursday, June 11, 2009

on to the next trip

In New Bern Bruce and I began talking about the next trip and it caught me off guard when I realized it was less than four months away.  We've got a lot of research and planning to do over he next several weeks.
You can see that the name of the blog has changed from the Skeeter Beater 126 to the ChesBay 150.  The plan right now is to put in at Crisfield on Maryland's Eastern Shore and sail north on Chesapeake Bay to the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michaels.  I hear it is a great festival and what better way to arrive than by boat.  (The "150" is a very rough mileage guide taken from a quick measurement on google earth.  "150" is also the number of tributaries that flow in to the Chesapeake Bay.)
The trip should take us through Tangier Sound up to the Honga River, then out on the the Bay up to Tilghman Island.  From there we might go over to the western shore to visit Annapolis.  Depending on time we could go farther north and visit Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore before turning back down past Kent Island and on to St. Michaels.  We'll need to spend some time with the charts to refine the plan.  Above are September and October wind compasses from    The wind pattern is not very distinct.  It can be north north-west or south south-east.  Or just about anywhere in between.  The Skeeter Beater taught us not to believe too much in "typical winds."


Thomas Armstrong said...

Thanks Steve and Bruce and especially Spartina, for an enjoyable read and adventure. Hope to meet you guys at the Mid Atlantic. Do you plan to arrive Friday or Saturday? Would you please, maybe, take me for a short sail on Spartina? I'll make a post of it!

Steve said...

Not sure on our arrival date. That is part of the research/planning we've got to do. At some point we should have a rough schedule here on the blog. See you there.


Thomas Armstrong said...

See you there.