Sunday, August 23, 2009

hurricane bill

Hurricane Bill passed hundreds of miles offshore of the Outer Banks saturday bringing some big waves and not much else.  No damage to speak of, in fact a winter nor'easter causes more problems that what we got from Bill.  A local told me they get more damage from "No Name storms" (nor'easters) as they will hang off the coast for a couple of days.  Hurricane can come and go in a day or less.  
Below is a typically wave rolling in towards Rodanthe saturday afternoon.
Surfers were out looking for some great rides.  Saturday was a disappointment I think (I'm not a surfer) as the waves were not well-formed and the current along shore was treacherous making it difficult to get out to the clean water.  Waves were much better today with the "barrels" or "tubes" that make for great wave riding.  
For movie buffs, the house to the right in the photo below is "Serendipity", the house used in the Richard Gere film "Nights in Rodanthe."  I wasn't too much on the story line (was there one?) from the movie but I do think they did capture the feeling of the Outer Banks with the scenery, local color, wind and blowing sand.  Water surrounded the house for much of the storm - that stretch of the Hatteras coast, from the Rodanthe Pier north to Mirlo Beach, seems to take a beating from every hurricane and nor'easater.


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