Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the tides are with us

I talked with a Smith Island Waterman the other day and he very nicely shared some information about the tidal flows through the Smith Island channels.  He told me two things.  One, than the tides running through the island are not that strong, about a knot or so.  Secondly, he said the tides would be in our favor.

We'll leave my home in Chesapeake early in the morning on the first day of our trip for a drive across the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel to Virginia's eastern shore (a $12.00 toll!!).  We'll make time for a quick breakfast at Stingray's (known to locals as "Chez Exxon") and then launch late morning out of Crisfield.  The tides for that day show a lot tide at 12:47 pm and then a flood tide coming in during the afternoon.  That means we'll be going with the incoming tides up the Big Thoroughfare to the village of Ewell.  Perfect.
The following morning we'll leave Ewell westbound toward the main part of Chesapeake Bay around 7 a.m., just at high tide.  There won't be much of any tide running, but if there is it will be on the ebb heading westbound to the bay.  Once again, perfect.

It is time to start looking at the details for the trip.  Just about five weeks until we launch.


ps  As I write this I am looking at the tropical weather map to the right.  Hurricane Bill is up to a category 4 storm.  It will pass off of the Outer Banks this weekend possibly sending swells from 12-15 feet on to the barrier islands.  It could be spectacular, it could be devastating.

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