Tuesday, June 15, 2010

blog updates

I don't think we'll be posting much during the cruise. Maybe we'll upload a cell phone photo when we get to Oriental or Beaufort, but not much more.

Dawn will be posting both mobile updates, seen at the right of her page, and also a drop box where she can email in photos from her phone for a slideshow just below the mobile updates on her blog. I'm sure it will be fun to check out.

I'll be posting the SPOT track pages from both Spartina and Dawn Patrol here on the blog on Thursday.

This will be an interesting trip in that should we lose sight of each other, and I expect that may very well happen, we can track each other using the SPOT track page on our smart phones (when we have a good cell signal). This will allow us to go our own way at times and still have a good chance of reconnecting.

Bruce and I will do our usual routine of a daily log when we get back - a fun way for us to relive the trip.

Here's the forecast for Oriental during the first few days of the trip....

Dawn ends her post today in a way that reflects my feelings exactly.....




Baydog said...

I'll be thinking about you guys and following anything you may post on your trip. Good luck and good weather to boot.

Steve said...

Thanks Baydog. You have a good trip to the OBX, enjoy the oysters, crabs and clams. steve

steve said...

steve......good luck; enjoy and looking forward to the posts...take care out there

welsh guy in plymouth
http://arwens meanderings.blogspot.com

Steve said...

Thanks Steve. Looks like you've had the Navigator out on the water quite a bit. Good luck with your journeys too.