Monday, June 14, 2010

a broken record

I can't help but take a peak at the forecast for our trip. Below is part of the forecasat for one day - I don't take it seriously so I can't even remember which day - that shows chance of t storms again and again and again. I cant' help but laugh at that. It may as well be the forecast for the South (note the South with a capital "S") for just about every day from June through August.

Below is a photo from a day with 50% chance of thunderstorms, we were leaving Oriental on the Skeeter Beater. Looks pretty nice to me. (Sorry about using old photos here, we'll get some new ones in a few days.)

Dawn forwarded a message from their friend Ken about the trip he and a friend just completed on his Core Sound 17 (below). The trip included some of the same areas we'll be sailing - the Neuse River, Oriental, Core Sound, and Cedar Island. It sounds like they had a great time. For me that just adds to the anticipation - but I've still got a couple of days to work before we head south.

I've got a few chores done - beef, pork and chicken are cut up, bagged and in the freezer. Bottles of water are there in the freezer too. I'll start laying out the gear in the garage Wednesday.

I did email with Conway at Potters Marine, the place where we'll be launching and leaving our cars and trailers during the trip. He's giving us a break on the price and it seems to me to be a pretty good deal for the use of a nice ramp plus a secure spot to leave the cars. You can see the ramp below in the photo I borrowed from their website.

A few more errands to run, including picking up Bruce at the airport, and we'll be ready to go.


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