Monday, February 16, 2015

September to January

I just now noticed that four of my last five posts have been about seafood: white clams, oysters, blue crabs and crawfish.  I cannot argue with those who say this is a food blog that sometimes mentions sailing.  I see your point.

The image is a screen shot off my phone showing GoPro images downloaded by wifi from the camera to the phone, all between September and January.  Images at at the top are from the September walkabout.  There is an Elizabeth River daysail image with short sleeves and bare feet, Chestertown sailing while wearing jackets, the last sail of the year in Elizabeth City (wearing a red shirt), sanding the cockpit in December and the first unassisted walk to the boat post surgery.

Our forecast is for potentially 12 hours of snow with some freezing rain.  Temperatures will remain low for the coming week with another chance of snow a week from today.  I need a few days of warm weather to Spartina's cockpit and reinstall the deck plates, hopefully sailing by mid or late March.


Rik said...

Sorry to hear about that forecast Steve. I am planning a daysail next week. Will post.

Steve said...

Enjoy the sail!