Thursday, February 5, 2015


Another day of rehab, one pleasantly brightened by a couple of surprises.  Chesapeake Bay Magazine contacted me to say they want to publish a photo essay and notes from last September's walkabout on Chesapeake Bay.  I had submitted some words and photographs late last year and had almost forgotten about it.  The editors had a list of questions and some areas for rewrite, which I am glad to do.  Publication date is uncertain, but they want to get all together so it is ready to go.

I was also caught off guard when I saw on the blog's dashboard that there had been over 500,000 visits.  I take that number with a grain of salt.  It includes, I have read, web crawls and web-based "pings" to the site.  Actual readership, which could be found using some third party analytics, is probably much lower.  It is nice that people take time to read the blog, which is in fact Spartina's sailing log.  I write it for myself, sometimes to help me think things through, sometimes just for the memories.  If others enjoy it, then good for us all.


Bill said...

Face it, dude - you're a bit of an interweb celeb!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for word about your first "E-Book". :-)

I attach your Blogspot address to any post I make on sailing forums regarding small craft sailing, and I "tune in" almost every day to see what's new.

So I'll shoulder some of the blame for putting NC up to #1 ahead of CA. But they're catching up, dang it.