Thursday, April 2, 2015

I would have been smiling too...., updated

I don't know the full details yet but they should be coming out soon.  This gentleman above left a port in South Carolina aboard a sailboat earlier this year.  He was reported missing in late January.  The number I heard was 66 days ago.  

Earlier today a German-flagged vessel spotted him 200 miles off the coast of North Carolina on the overturned hull of the sailboat.  He had survived, they said, by catching small fish and eating them.

Arriving by Coast Guard helicopter at a Norfolk hospital he looked surprisingly healthy.  Unsurprisingly, he was very happy.  He wobbled a bit on his feet, but the Coast Guard rescue swimmer was nearby to help with his balance.  

An interesting story.  I'll look forward to hearing more about it.  I'm glad it ended well.


JimB said...

He looks like he ate very well. I am glad. Maybe he should be the poster boy for the "eat local seafood" ads for the Outer Banks.

I can't imagine how tiring it must of been working to stay aboard on an overturned hull in the cold and storms.

Anyone know what kind of 35' sailboat boat it was?

Welcome back solid ground!

Steve said...

I'm sure much more information will come out shortly. It will be an interesting story.


SandyBottom said...

Your pics and this story is all over the Internet and social media. It was exciting to see your photo credits in the articles, like I know someone famous. And glad it was a good ending story for you.