Friday, April 17, 2015

sand, varnish, repeat

Part of the daily routine is sanding and varnishing the new Navy star on Spartina's bow.  I enjoy doing the brightwork on Spartina, but with 15 small surface on the star this verges on the tedious side.  But that's fine.  The between coats sanding began with 120 grit paper, then 220 and now the very fine 400 grit paper.  I think I have five coats of varnish on now and will have at least seven by the time I am done.  The fact that I think I have five coats on there should tell you that the work is being done to my usual not-very-precise workboat finish standards.  The star will look very nice when done. 


Her name is Cathy.  It is only now, seven months after a brief meeting, that I know her name.  She had stopped to look at Spartina when we were tied up in Cambridge on a cruise last fall.  I asked her where I could buy some bottled water and she instead she gave two bottles of sparkling water from her own supply.  A gift from one sailor to another.  It was very kind of her.  The sparkling water was very refreshing and I drank it with my dinners for the rest of the trip.  

I mentioned gift in the Chesapeake Bay Magazine article, which has gone out in the mail to subscribers and should be on the shelves at bookstores soon.  Cathy, apparently a subscriber, read the story and recognized herself.  She took the time to track me down by email to say thanks for mentioning my appreciation of the water.  I am glad to know her name, and glad to have the chance to thank her once again.  Thank you, Cathy, for the kindness.  It's those little moments on sailing trips that make the journey so special.


steve said...

You remember that you may have done five coats???????

I've lost the will to live after about two!! Which is why poor Arwen looks the way she does.
Looking really lovely Steve, Spartina, that is!!
Glad to see hip is healing well as well. Well done!

Arwens Meanderings

Steve said...

Thanks, Steve. A labor of love. Really I don't mind varnishing, kind of relaxing and I enjoy it when get down to the 400 grit or even wet sandpaper and the varnish really glows. Hope the weather is good for sailing over on the other side of the ocean. steve