Thursday, September 1, 2016

an expensive pint, boundaries, dreaming

I walked into West Marine this morning thinking I would be spending $25 on a can of varnish.  $50+ later I walked out with the varnish ($30 for a pint) plus a short piece of line for the boom tent and some replacement bungee cord to hold the boom tent and duffel full of freeze-dried meals up agains the inside of the hull up forward.

I've been thinking about the sailing plan which will be a little different because the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michaels comes right in the middle of the cruise.  Usually I'm sailing up or down the Bay, this time I'll do a lot of exploring on the small rivers, creeks and coves.  I'l put in at Cambridge and probably sail no farther north than Rock Hall, no farther south than the Little Choptank.   Just look at the miles and miles of shoreline between Rock Hall and the Little Choptank.

At the north end there is Rock Hall (home to friends Fred and MaryLou).  I might go into Rock Hall or nearby Swan Creek, or maybe up the Chester River to the Corsica River.  I guess it all depends on wind.

I'll probably revisit one of my favorite and best anchorages, Warehouse Creek just off Cox Creek, or maybe explore Crab Alley right next door.

After the weekend festival in St. Michaels I'll most likely head south to the Choptank and Little Choptank.  I've put red X's on past anchorages no the Little Choptank, looks like there is a lot more to explore.  Plus I've had some excellent luck fishing in the Little Choptank.

Anyway, with thunder rumbling outside, the remnants of Tropical Depression Eight offshore and a forecast of Tropical Storm Hermine being nearby over the weekend, I'm hoping for good weather late September and early October.  I can dream, can't I??


Robert Thompson said...


Love the blog and have been following you since moving to Richmond from Centreville, MD almost two years ago.

I lived on the Corsica River for 32 years and would highly recommend a visit by you and Spartina. The south side of the river is high bluffs and the north side is gentle sloping shoreline. There are lots of good anchorages and if you are so inclined, motor up to the headwaters and tie up at the Centreville town wharf - for free - and have lunch at Doc's Riverside Restaurant just a 2 minute walk from the wharf.

If you want to discuss a good anchorage, just give me shout on email. Enjoy our fall cruise. I just got back from delivering a friend's 50' Nordhavn trawler from Chesapeake, VA (AYB) to Stuart, FL. We successfully dodged all the tropical storms, but got beat up a bit in doing so.

All the best,

Bob Thompson

Steve said...

Thanks for the info, Bob. The Corsica has been recommended a couple of times. I just might make it this year. If you were at AYB your were just a mile or so from my house. best wishes steve