Sunday, September 18, 2016

packing day

Great day of sailing yesterday, the last day sail before the fall cruise.  The seasons are definitely changing.  The water at the ramp, that I have to walk out into to launch the boat, was distinctly cooler than a few weeks ago.  The river itself was full of baitfish, which drew in the dolphins and dive-bombing pelicans.  

Today was the start of packing.  I organized some of the gear, did a SPOT test, finished sorting the food, dug out the hypothermia kit.  I'll start with log and note books.  

Food will be pretty much the same as the last few sails.  Freeze dried meals for dinner (cooked with Webb's tip of a little extra water and a little extra cooking time in the pouch, and Curt's idea of "dressing" the meals with some olive oil), canned tuna salad and cups of fruit for lunch, breakfast bar and a cup of fruit for breakfast.

Today was just a start, I'll put a little time each evening this week.  And probably ought to change the outboard oil too.  


Unknown said...

Would be interested in seeing your pack list! Have been enjoying your blog for some time now - thanks. Hope to meet you at CBMMSCF!

Steve said...

Packing list is mostly in my head, but as a basis I use an old required equipment list from the Everglades Challenge. Let's hope for good weather at the small craft festival! steve