Monday, August 7, 2017

FIRST LIGHT, fine dining

I had a guest on board yesterday, another Pathfinder builder.  That is Tom Head, above, who built the truly beautiful Pathfinder FIRST LIGHT.  He rigged her with balance lug main and mizzen, a first for the Pathfinder I believe.  Tom lives in the Florida Keys and will no doubt have some wonderful sailing to do down there.  Here are a few photographs from Tom's Pathfinder, you can follow his build here on the WoodenBoat forum.  

Tom and I had been in touch by email for a year or maybe more.  He had plans to pass through my area and wrote suggesting we get together.  I already had plans for sailing on a day with a nice forecast, so I picked him up on the waterfront.  We have a lot in common, from Pathfinders to the Navy to Everglades Challenge friends and we each have two daughters that were born about two years apart (I share both his pain and his joy with that).  We spent a lot of time talking about the rigs and sailing performance, Tom saying that my gaff-rigged yawl sailed very similar to his balanced lug rigged yawl.  It took him a while to remember to handle the jib when coming about, both sails on his boat being self-tending.  

Tom was kind enough to invite me down to the Keys, an offer I hope to take him up on someday.  Maybe I'll sail with him on FIRST LIGHT or maybe I'll bring SPARTINA with me.  We'll have to wait and see.  Yesterday was an enjoyable sail and I look forward to sailing with Tom again.


And speaking of the Keys, a UPS package arrived from Marathon today.  Webb Chiles generously offered to share some of this New Zealand Back Country Cuisine and Outdoor Gourment freeze dried meals for the fall cruise.  He sent so many that I believe they will carry through to the spring sail also.  Lamb, venison, beef, roast chicken.  I will be eating very well.  Thank you, Webb.


Clark said...

Our Drascombe Lugger wants to know if it can join your Pathfinder Club? Beautiful boats! Webb's boat will probably want to join as well once it gets done globehopping.

Steve said...

I've been asked/told many times that Spartina is a Drascombe Lugger, so why not? The more the merrier.