Monday, February 17, 2020

a new set of wings

The new set of sails from Stuart at Dabbler Sails arrived today.  They will be bent on SPARTINA briefly on Wednesday so that Angel from Little Bay Canvas can measure for a new set of sail covers. Then the new sails will come off, waiting until the new covers are completed before putting the new sails on for good.

These are custom sails in every sense of the word.  Stuart still had the sail plans with notes from John Welsford and myself for the first set of sail he made several years ago. 

He has studied photographs of SPARTINA under sail and he has examined the first set of sails for wear and stress points.

The materials, this time using a heavier Dacron, and workmanship are first rate.

From the invoice:


Three sails for Welsford Pathfinder yawl, main and mizzen loose footed on normal booms. Three standard battens in main. Two full battens in mizzen. Bronze hanks on jib, 3-strand boltropes with ducktails, 4 grommets in main and miz luffs for robands, UV-resistant sailbags and colored pennant to fly at peak of main. Main and mizzen shapes to be adjusted per our original e-mail discussions. To be in 5 oz relatively- soft woven Dacron.

I look forward to the first sail under the new wings.


Shawn Stanley said...

I have been following your blog long enough to remember when Dabbler built the last set! I guess it was really several years ago.

Nice job treating yourself and Spartina to a new set for the next (continuing) journey!

Steve said...

Shawn, just looked it up. First set of Dabbler sails arrived seven years ago. That includes about 18 cruises up to two weeks long, a lot of day sailing and a lot of leaving SPARTINA on the river for a week week at a time for morning and evening sails. Not too bad, got a lot of use out of those sails. These are even better. Can't wait to bend them on. steve