Sunday, August 23, 2009

towns along the way

Just a little more than a month until the trip.  I took a few minutes to put together some information about the stops along the way.  This is an early draft, still have some more research to do.
Of course we'll have a couple of nights anchored out between Smith Island and Oxford, most likely off of Hooper Island and somewhere around Trippe Bay.  Then a couple of more nights anchored about off of Kent Island and Wye Island. 


Smith Island
Ewell Tide B and B
Smith Island
Ewell, Maryland, U.S.A.
Postal Zone 21824
410 425-2141
Wolfgang Max & Jelena Feiler 
PIer Street Marina
Masthead At Pier Street Marina
106 W Pier St
Oxford, MD 21654-1345
(410) 226-517
Oxford Inn
504 South Morris Street
Oxford,  Maryland 21654
314 Tilghman St
Oxford, MD 21654-1319
(410) 226-0160‎
Rock Hall
Rock Hall Landing
5657 South Hawthorne Avenue, P.O. Box 448, Rock Hall, MD 21661
Tel: 410-639-2224/Fax: 410-639-2081
Mariners Motel
5681 South Hawthorne Avenue, Rock Hall, Maryland 21661
Tel: 410-639-2291
Waterman's Crab House
21055 Sharp Street
Rock Hall, MD 21661
Phone: 410-639-2261
Fax: 410-639-2615 

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