Saturday, October 22, 2016

so what's it like to sail a 24' boat across the Indian Ocean

I've have been a long time fan of the sailing logs of Webb Chiles, everything from his Open Boat: Across the Pacific to his current circumnavigation in the 24' Moore GANNET.  The writing is rich, the details interesting.  And now to add another dimension to his current log Webb has posted three videos from his 6,000 mile passage from Darwin, Australia to Durban, South Africa.  Webb does a live narration of two of the videos, one on a day with perfect wind (below) and another on a day with light winds.  The third, with stronger winds and rough waters (above),Webb does not narrate for understandable reasons.  With all that wind I'm not sure that he could have been heard.  These videos very much add to the experience that Webb shares with us.  Check them out.

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