Friday, December 29, 2017

the big chill, omeals

The cold snap has ended my dreams for a last sail of the year.  I'm off this weekend but I don't expect the temperatures to break 30 degrees.  For winter sailing I like to have full sun, wind around 10 mph and a temperature approaching 50 degrees.  There will be plenty of sun this weekend, too much wind and not enough degrees.

Looking back through the log I see I made a couple of sails just before Christmas last year.  The next sails were January 31 (a sail that produced one of my favorite photos) and February 1.  This year I suspect my first sail might not come until late February. I've got some maintenance to do on SPARTINA and her trailer, plus the sails need to be washed.


My oldest daughter gifted me with a card for REI, perfect for buying some cruising supplies. I went to their online site to buy some more freeze-dried meals and came across Omeals.  At first I thought they were freeze-dried camp meals but then realized they were in fact self-heating fully cooked meals.  The foil packet contains both a heating element and a second pouch with the meal inside.  Adding water to the foil pocket sets off the heating element.  A few minutes later there is a hot meal waiting to be enjoyed.  I bought four of the meals, dinners that will be tucked away for those 12 hour sailing days or rainy evenings.  A quick hot meal in a few minutes without breaking out the cook kit or jet boil.  Sounds good to me.

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