Tuesday, February 19, 2019

capacious, not outdated, the new pad

Included in the upcoming issue of Small Craft Advisor, the one with Tom and his sea beagle "Baby" on the cover, is an interview with Roger Barnes.  I had not heard of Mr. Barnes before.  He is the author of the book Dinghy Cruising Companion and also the president of the Dinghy Cruising Association.  Above you see him sailing his Ilur dinghy AVEL DRO.  An email from SCA contained a part of his interview and I quote below....

Any boats besides your own that especially strike your fancy?
I still have a lot of time for the Drascombe Lugger. The design is outdated in some ways, and not without its flaws, but John Wilkinson got a lot right. A truly groundbreaking design. I also like Matt Layden’s Paradox—which rethinks everything you ever thought you knew about boat design. Whilst in New Zealand, earlier in the year, I was taken out in a John Welsford Pathfinder—a convincing and capacious dinghy evidently designed to look after her crew. (Complete interview in the coming issue)—Eds

While I am pleased to see John Welsford's Pathfinder, above, paired closely with the Drascombe Lugger, below, I am skeptical of his observation that the Lugger is "outdated."  How can a boat that sailed across oceans 50 years ago become outdated?  Food goes out of date, so can fashion and style.  Yawls that have proven themselves around the globe?  I don't think so.  

(Okay, true confession, I had to look up "capacious.")


The new Therm-A-Rest Evolite sleeping pad arrived today (actually the second sleeping pad, the first one arrived a couple days ago with a hole in it).  Self-inflating and thicker than my old pad, I believe I  will have some sweet dreams using the new piece of gear.  The Outdoor Research Bivy for this year is also new, a warranty replacement from OR because of some delamination of the waterproof base down near the foot area.    

Less than three months to the spring sail on Pamlico Sound.  I'm starting to get the fever already.


Clark said...

John Watkinson specifically mentions four criteria for the boat he would design: It had to be easy “for the family to handle on and off the trailer,” have “first-rate seakeeping qualities,” be a “good motorboat for fishing and pottering under power,” and be “lively enough for me to enjoy a good hard sail once I had put the family on the beach.” We don't think the Lugger is outdated either, having owned one since 1982, and considering they are still being built in the UK. A great boat for a mess about. I think the Pathfinder has many of the same criteria. FMI: https://smallboatsmonthly.com/article/drascombe-lugger/


eddie breeden said...

Surprised you hadn't hear of Barnes. His book is the best I've read in setting up a boat and planning trips to do what "we" do (some more than others. You are at the top of the pile in my estimation). While lots of Barnes's recommendations have by now been discovered by you, I particularly enjoyed his asides describing adventures in a small boat here and there. You'd likely appreciate too.
I've envied your winter sails. Perhaps I need a dry suit too?

Steve said...

Eddie, I should have said, and will add in an upcoming post, that while I disagree with Barnes' comment about the lugger being outdated, I do find his book interesting. I downloaded the free preview on kindle and may well download the entire book. Sounds like he has visited some interesting places.


steve said...

Hi Steve, I'm a member of the Dinghy Cruising Association. Haven't met Roger yet but he is very highly regarded this side of the Atlantic. Exceptionally experienced small boat sailor, done some interesting sails in UK and France. His book is excellent but I suspect you will know most of it already but as a teacher I always felt if I learned 2 or 3 new things from an educational book that I didn't know before then it was money well spent. I like his book a lot but then I still have heaps to learn about dinghy cruising. He is doing lots with the RYA at the moment - Royal Yachting Association - here in the UK - and he has some videos on YouTube. He was in NZ recently where he went sailing with JW and some of JW's friends.
Like your new kit. Very well chosen.
Anyway hope you and family are well

steve said...

PS mean't to say - nowt wrong with a drascombe and certainly not outdated in my mind - an extraordinarily capable boat - Still read the 'Lugworm chronicles'

Steve said...

I do plan to read his book, Steve. From the free sample on Amazon I found it very enjoyable. And as for the Lugworm Chronicles, that's a book I really enjoyed and still pick it up now and then, opening to a random page for always a good read!

steve said...

I do as well. They retired down my way and were famous on the art scene in Cornwall. K died recently. I think B is still alive. Excellent book and excellent adventures. Enjoy Rogers book. He is quite a character