Saturday, November 7, 2020

a la-z-boy on the water

The forecast was, thankfully, wrong today.  Overcast and 2 mph wind.  I decided to give it a try anyway.

Got down to the waterfront just as the morning fog was clearing.  I made sure I can clearly see up and down the shipping channel before motoring out on to the river.  In Craford Bay I raised sail and was pleasantly surprised by a steady breeze.

And the day just got better and better.  Clear, brilliant blue skies and a solid little breeze that swung from northwest to west by the afternoon.  It was just a wonderful day.

 Mid-afternoon I sailed by another small boat with a man and three women on board.  One of the women said "When I see you out here you never seem to be sailing.  You just recline in your boat and relax."  Yes, SPARTINA in my living room recliner, only on the water.

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Tom said...

Was truly a beautiful day today in the East. But NO WIND over here in Piedmont Carolina. I had to just enjoy the sunshine and everyone dancing in the streets to the election good news. Hopefully some wind on Tuesday around here.