Saturday, March 6, 2021


The sail is over. SPARTINA is at a dock at a tiny marina on the Georgia coast. I'll get an Amtrak back up to Charleston to get the jeep and trailer. Checking the ICW mile markers I covered 180 statue miles of the planned 300. Not bad for six days on the water. A friend was telling me, using some colorful language, what a raw deal the broken mizzen mast was. I said no, it's just part of the adventure.
Photo is from about an hour and a half before the mast broke. Sailing downhill on the waves of Sapelo Sound the gps hit 8.3 kts. Yes, it was all an adventure.


Tom said...

Bravo! Can't wait to read the trip report. Good decision you made, the Sea Islands will still be there for next time.

Timo said...

You are right, Steve, breaking gear is just part of adventure.

Clark said...

Rub some dirt on it and continue? Nice work covering the ground that y'all did!
Kent and Skipper