Friday, May 27, 2022

day five - seeking shelter

Under power at 5:50 after a calm night.  No wind.  A check of the apps show that the forecast of four days of high winds persists.  I need to get to shelter for the 35 mph gusts, and I would like to top off my water along the way and maybe fuel too.  

Leave the Little Alligator River with the duck blinds on the shoal to port.  No wind and no point of raising sail. 

About a ten-minute wait for an opening on the Alligator River Bridge, though the bridge at 6:50.

Full sail and making 2.4 to the south on the Alligator River at 7:30.  Less wind and motorsailing at 7:50, the breeze over the port quarter helping push along nicely. 

8:30 a flock of ibis flies by, very pretty and tropical looking birds with downward curved beaks.  9:00 off the Frying Pan where I have anchored before.  9:40 off Rattlesnake Bay, another favorite anchorage.  Overcast moving in from the south.

Enter the canal at 11:50 just as a southwest wind arrives.  Not helpful when motoring to the southwest.  Looking down the canal that is lined by tree stumps I see a stump moving steadily from left to right.  It takes me a moment to realize it is a bear swimming across the the canal.   Mindless motoring down the canal.  A few  friendly waves from boats headed north as the outboard drones on.  Getting warm and humid.  A bald eagle perches on a bare tree.  

Tired and hot, the canal seems to go on forever.  Getting closer to the southern end I find both the wind and tide against us.  Out of the canal at 3:50, turn to the northwest in gusts wind.  Anchor down 4:10.  A friend texts me that I'm under a tornado watch.  I can see and hear the thunderstorms to the north northeast.  Think I'm ok for the evening

Building gusts early evening, I turn on my GPS to make sure I'm not dragging anchor.  I am not.

Self heating beef stew for dinner.  More gusts, SPARTINA shakes, the boom tent shudders in the wind.

49.12 nautical miles for the day.


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