Sunday, May 22, 2022

day one - west wind

Cast off Potter's Marine 10 a.m. with a stiff west wind blowing.  Motor through the field of crab pot floats.  Mizzen and jib up once around the bend, round up to clear the grass from the rudder.  Making just over 1 kt in the wind shadow of trees on shore.  

Cut the corner at Chambers Point and out on the Pamlico River 10:25.  Exposed to the wind and making 3.8 in choppy water.  Away from shore raise the main with a single reef to make 5 kts.  Shake out the reef at 11:10, full sail.  Calmer water and less wind.

Off of Wade Point and the Pungo River at 11:45, making just under 3 kts wing and wing.  At noon jibe towards Swan Quarter.  See boats on the ICW to the west, all heading north from Goose Creek to the Pungo River.  Making just 2 kts across the wide mouth of the Pungo River.  Motor sailing at 1:10.  See some dark clouds ahead but they don't bring any wind.

Off Willow Point Shoal find a little wind, making just under a knot.  More dark clouds ahead, this time they bring some wind, 3.5 kts then 4.0.  In Deep Bay north of the marshy islands at 2:35, wind filling in nicely and doing 5+ kts.

At 2:50 having a hard time spotting the markers that lead to the cut to Swan Quarter Bay.  Finally spot the marker, further to the south than where I had expected it.  Looking across the marsh can see shrimp boats tied to the docks at Swan Quarter.  3:15 turn downwind and slip through the cut onto Swan Quarter Bay.  On the bay at 3:25, making 5.4 kts with lots of spray.  I see a car ferry to the south coming up the channel from Pamlico Sound.  Plenty of room.  3:55 slip on to the calm protected water of Caffee Bay.  Anchor down 4:15. 

Beef Stroganoff for dinner.  Under the boom tent I can hear small isolated thunderstorms around even though there is no rain in the forecast.  They all seem to bypass SPARTINA.

20.96 NM


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