Thursday, October 6, 2022

back on the water

Cast off from St. Michaels this morning with blue skies and warm sunshine. Wind was iffy most of the day, did some sailing, motor sailing and just plain motoring. Coming in to Hail Creek, a fave anchorage, spotted some swirls in the water and cast out for a nice stripper for dinner. Good to be back on the water.


Anonymous said...

Kayaked around Eastern Neck numerous times. Hail Creek is absolutely beautiful.

Shawn Stanley said...

Wow..Ian sure was a pesky weather system. I am in NE and while I checked and re-checked everything before we left, I had to rely on friends who were kind enough to poke their heads around my boats (as they check on their own boats) while I am gone. In SoMD, we mostly had rain and more rain, with an occasional gust, similar to your experience on the Eastern Shore. Nice that you have some contacts to help break the monotony of waiting out the storm.
Glad you are finally back on the water, Steve..enjoy the trip! Those of us that are temporarily landlocked (but having a great time visiting family and watching the leaves turn) are quietly living vicariously through you while we wait to get back to the shore! :)
Shawn in Solomons, MD.