Monday, May 29, 2023

repaired, snakes

A week ago after sailing from Tangier Island to Smith Island and then on to a little creek south of Crisfield I found the leech seam on my jib was separating.  I was pleased to find an old roll of sail tape in with my repair kit.  That patch held well while sailing up the Bay, sometimes with winds gusting in the 20s.  But I knew it needed reinforcing .

Kristen had some new tape waiting for me in St. Michaels and I added the reinforcement this morning.  We should be good now.  


There are a lot of snakes here.  Yesterday I counted six or seven in the spartina as I walked along the boardwalk. I believe they are Northern Water snakes.  Today I saw just one snake.  It was larger than the rest and appeared, with its thick body, to be digesting something.  

 Rain and wind since about noon today.  Better weather tomorrow.  I’ll cast off on Wednesday. 

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