Friday, September 22, 2023

that low pressure system

That low pressure system off of Florida couple of days ago is now known at Tropical Storm Ophelia.  It should come ashore in lower North Carolina tonight.  It is very close in wind speeds to a hurricane and might well become Hurricane Ophelia.  I hope everyone stays safe.

The storm should be north of Chesapeake Bay by Sunday night.  My gear and food is all packed, I hope to head up to Cambridge on Monday or Tuesday.



Shawn Stanley said...

Hope you are OK Steve..i am in between the two D's in your graphic. Boat will be fine. I have a carport turned workshop 5 feet above sea level that might get wet with surge. I have removed all paper/cardboard...If it gets to 8 feet the bins might get flooded. Just stuff. :-)

Steve said...

We'll do fine here. I just worry about folks along the water. Hope you do ok. If I do make it to Solomons Is what is the best way to contact you? Steve