Monday, February 19, 2024

calling ahead to the marina

Me:     Good morning.  I’m on the creek about a mile north of you.  I would like a slip for the night.  Maybe two. I’m on a 19’ yawl.  I’ve stayed there before, I should be in your system.  

Lady at the dock house:   Very good.  Could I have your email so I can look you up in the system?

I give her my email. 

Dock house:   Is this Steve Earley?   I don’t see a 19’ boat in our system.  All I see is your 30’ boat SPARTINA.  

Me:   I’m on SPARTINA.  It is a 19’ boat. 

Dock house:  It says here that it is a 30’ boat.  

Me:  That’s because you are going to charge me for a 30’ boat.  That’s your minimum size so I pay for 30’ for a 19’ boat.  

Dock house:   ….(long pause)….Oh, I see.  Yes we have a slip for you.  

Me:   Very good, thank you.  


BobM said...

Hi, Steve! Are you in Florida?

Anonymous said...

I’ll be there either tomorrow or the following day.

Shawn Stanley said...

All you can do sometimes, is laugh.

Anonymous said...

David S I accident hit the wrong button and deleted your comment. My bad. I did stay there despite being 11 feet short. Great marina, great place to resupply. Steve