Tuesday, April 13, 2010

three weeks

I'm very happy to note that three weeks from tonight I'll be packing the jeep and hooking up the trailer for the spring weekend walkabout sail. I expect I'll get a couple of more weekend day sails in between now and then, but this three or four days on the water can't come soon enough.
Leave out of here by 6 a.m., get to the marina by 8:30, rig and load the boat, cast off and sail south! (Below is a google earth map showing my waypoints for the trip.)

I've got the gear and food. Need to check my water and batteries. Hoping I get that last book from Amazon in time. I check out the SPOT last week on the Pasquotank River and have printed out my satellite photos of various possible anchorages. I'm ready to go.



James said...

Steve, I hope you enjoy doing the blog. If you do, you'll keep it up. I really enjoy your writing, photography, and just your enjoyment of sailing, and your blog is one of my daily checks. Keep it up. We all love it. Also grabbed SCA as soon as it arrived for your article there.

Steve said...

thanks for your comments. Yes, I enjoy the blog. I'll keep doing it as long as it is fun. And I'm glad that people do take some time to read it. Bruce will have some posts coming up soon, I'm looking forward to those.

Steve said...

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