Wednesday, April 28, 2010

seize the day!

Going over the schedule at the office today I found out they had given me four days off next week (Tuesday through Friday) when I had only asked for three (Wed. through Friday). I pointed out the error and was told "you can take that extra day if you want." I took it!!! That will give me one more day for the weekend trip.
(Bruce keeps asking me why I call it a weekend walkabout. "You're sailing, not walking" he says. And now that I think about it, a Tuesday through Saturday trip really isn't a weekend trip. Oh well.)

I'll probably take the extra day to explore Big Porpoise Bay, Middle Bay and Jones Bay (above), all just south of Mouse Harbor. It looks like interesting territory and there are a couple of canals leading south from Jones Bay that I want to look at for possible use on the June trip with Bruce.
I've started organizing gear. The food is packed (I'll need to add another day's worth). And I made up the trail mix with mixed nuts, raisins, dried cranberries and wasabi peas. I don't know what to call the mix but I don't think I need to worry about urinary tract infections:).
I emailed with Wally VanHorn of VanHorn's Campground and Marina in Germantown, he says he's got a nice ramp and plenty of room for the jeep and trailer while I'm out. I need to buy my NC saltwater fishing license ($10 online I think) and add waypoints for Jones, Middle and Big Porpoise Bays.

Below is an unfortunate reminder to get that insurance premium check in the mail before the trip. Three boats destroyed by fire on Pretty Lake (the Little Creek area off of Chesapeake Bay) early this morning and a couple more boats damaged.

And below is a nice photo by Bruce of Spartina at the end of last's fall's cruise to St. Michaels. Can't wait to start the next cruise.



S R Wood said...

Steve, what are those white things in the trail mix? I hope they are not marshmallows.

More important: what is your scheme for morning coffee? The slowness of my Pathfinder building has one benefit: it's giving me plenty of time to figure out how to make camp coffee aboard. After all, no reason to be barbaric.

Really enjoying your postings on preparation. Your upcoming trip sounds great!


Steve said...

No, those are not marshmellows. They are wasabi peas.
I'm not a coffee drinker. A breakfast bar, fruit cup and some water are all I need in the morning. But I'm sure coffee would be easy to do if you are willing to crank up the stove.
Send some updated photos and say hello to Barbara for us.


Baydog said...

Steve: Remind me of the line of work you're in where you ask for three days, and they seem more than willing to slide you a fourth!

The wasabi peas must give the otherwise nutty, fruity mix a nasal boost. Cranabi and all the mixin's is what you should call it.

James said...

From Mike Saunders book, The Walkabouts, he writes,"When an Australian aborigine suddenly throws up his job and tkes to the bush for anything from a few weeks to several years, people say he has gone walkabout. He goes walkabout to get away from it all, to cleanse the soul or possibly just to satisfy a yearning for adventure." His walkabout was several thousand miles by 33-ft sailboat, so it really has nothing to do with shoe leather, but a state of mind.

Steve said...

Sounds good to me James. Thanks.


Kristen said...

Bruce Chatwin's "The Song Lines".

Steve said...

I've read references to Bruce Chatwin over the years. As a fan of travel writing I don't know how I missed him. Your mentioning him here has got my attention. Songlines and In Patagonia are now on the reading list. Thanks Kiwibird.