Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

It is easy to remember Dad when I'm out sailing.  I do it all the time.  I did it today, a day with light breezes out of the north and a deep blue sky.  Look forward I see the main mast, look aft I see the mizzen mast.  We built them together, a day of running 20-foot douglas fir staves through a table saw to get the "V" cut for bird's mouth masts, then a day of laying up the masts, eight staves to each, while my daughters mixed the pots of epoxy glue.

Then out to California where, later that summer, we cut the gaff jaws on Dad's woodworking tools, the last project we would do together.

Then there's the quarter under the main mast, from Dad's birth year.  I see it every time I set the mast.  Then there's the photo I pinned up aft of the foredeck on the day Spartina was launched.  The photograph is gone, but I notice the tiny pin hole every time I rig the boat.

Yes, it's easy to remember Dad when I'm out sailing.  I enjoy doing it.  

Happy Father's Day.



Bursledon Blogger said...

Steve, nice thoughts, sadly my dad wasn't alive when I started building boats, but your post brought back memories of him helping me fix my motorbikes in the garage late into the night after school

Rik said...

It was my Dad who taught me sailing and suggested me to build my first toy wooden boat for my GI-Joe.

Thanks for your post Steven.

Baydog said...

Steve, my Dad is with me every time I'm out on the bay. His ashes cover the bay floor, as per his request.