Monday, June 9, 2014

thank you, Schooner Virginia

The Schooner Virginia, who was nice enough to take me out for the Harborfest Parade of Sail on Friday, was also nice enough to post some photos of Spartina sailing in a light breeze Sunday morning.  Scroll down and you will see the post here.

I sent Hank, the ship's captain, a note asking him to pass on my thanks to whomever was responsible for the post.  He said it was a team effort: a crew member shot the photo with a phone, Stefan Edick, serving as a relief captain, suggested the post, and Hank put the photos together with some nice words.  Thanks very much to the captain(s) and crew.

I was out for a morning walk on the waterfront this morning when I saw the Virginia leaving the Otter Berth, where she had been tied up during Harborfest.  It was a brief trip, she tied up a few hundred yards away behind Nauticus.  Tomorrow, she will cast off and sail to Bermuda.  I wish the crew an enjoyable, safe journey.

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