Monday, July 18, 2016

boats, big and small


The deadrise-built buy boat Linda Carol is rejoining the fleet.  I saw her up in a yard in Poquoson a couple of weeks ago where she was being rebuilt after the 1930s era boat was found in terrible condition in a salvage yard in Long Island.  If she is not on the water already, she will be soon.  Finishing work was going on when I saw her, and they were running water into her hull so the planks swell up - she had a ways to go on that as you will see in a photo down below.  Very cool boat and I can't wait to see her with buy boats that gather for a reunion tour every summer.

and small....

Registration is open for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival is posted on the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum site.  (Could that be UNA in the photograph above??)  I'll have to wait for the next paycheck to sign up, but will definitely register soon.  Got blown out by a hurricane last year but that's life.  This year it's gonna be great.  I even hear that Barry may be putting on a movie night.  Where's the popcorn???

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