Sunday, July 24, 2016

under the dome

Morning, evening, morning.  That was my sailing pattern as we are under the heat dome that has excessive heat warnings in twenty-some states.  High yesterday was 96 degrees, temperature today passed 98 just now.  Throw in a good dose of humidity and yes, a hot weekend.  

Special guest on board as the Pilgrim joined me for yesterday's evening sail, the only good wind of the day as the morning had shifting, faltering breezes.

Very stout looking Hadhammer was anchored in Craford Bay for the evening, in route from Key West to New Jersey.  We received an invite to come on board the Saga double-ender for a tour but the wind so fine we settled for an exchange of greetings and photographs.

And a couple more favorite boats on the waterfront, the USCG Barque Eagle, above, and the American Rover, out for an evening sail.

But the biggest treat was the company on board Spartina for a couple of hours of pleasant (yes, a little warm) sailing, and, after leaving Spartina in her slip downtown, an enjoyable dinner outdoors at a favorite restaurant.  Can't beat that.

I did return for a sail this morning, temperature and winds were down so I headed back to the ramp after not too long.  Hot weekend, yes, but no complaints.

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