Wednesday, October 7, 2020

the mystery of the missing text

I just now realized that yesterday's post, the coming storm, lost about five paragraphs of text. So I will try to explain the storm and my plans here.  

The image of the storm is from a forecast showing the remnants of Hurricane Delta over the Mid-Atlantic this weekend. 

Strong Southwest winds today, gusting to 26 right now. I left St. Michael's this morning and crossed Eastern Bay to Cox Creek. I have tucked in to a favorite anchorage and will probably spend the rest ofthe day here relaxing. It is hot and windy and I have put the boom tent up for shade. 

The wind is forecast to swing around to Northeast overnight which should carry me down to the Choptank River tomorrow, most likely heading to the ramp Friday. 

There are plenty of places I could wait out the remnants of the hurricane but I have already done that once on this trip for Hurricane Sally. So maybe a good time to head home. After so much excellent sailing why end it all the three days of rain? 


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