Tuesday, October 5, 2010

charts, waypoints and reefs

Spent a little time this evening looking at charts and making waypoints for the weekend trip to Carolina. I still have just the rough maps that came with the new gps and I use Garmin's Roadtrip to create the waypoints. I'll have the better garmin maps by next spring, but this works just fine for now. I'll import them into the gps later this week.

I'm also looking at the google earth and google maps, searching for the dark areas in the water like those marked with the red "x" in the screen shot below. That is Rockhole Bay on the north side of the Bay River near the opening to Pamlico Sound. Those dark spots could be reefs or sub-aquatic vegetation, possibly home to puppy drum or speckled trout. I might try some fishing over those spots.

And pretty soon I need to check the food supplies. I've got stuff leftover from the Bay Days trip. Need to do a count and make a run to the grocery store this weekend.


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