Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rik: gone sailing

Rik, my sailing partner from last weekend, has gone sailing. 

He left, aboard Isbjorn with the 59° North crew, yesterday morning.  They appeared to have favorable winds yesterday and into last night and are now ESE of Cape Hatteras.  Somehow I don't think Rik is wearing shorts, relaxing with his feet up and tending the tiller.  I'm not an offshore sailor but I'm guessing a full set of foul weather gear and a harness, hanging on to anything that doesn't move.  I'm sure it is a thrill.

Above is the tracking map for the Caribbean 1500 fleet.  That boat out in the lead is Moonwave, an appropriate name as when I saw it at the marina the other day it looked more to me like a space ship than a sailboat.  And it seems to move like a spaceship compared to the rest of the fleet.

Locally we have an excellent forecast for the next few days and I hope to get out on the water at least once or twice.   It's that time of year when every day of nice weather needs to be savored.

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Rik said...

Steve, thanks for the post. We just learnt that Isbjorn and her crew won the race. Both the overall winner and the cruisers class! This is due mostly to the excellent skippering skills of captain Paul Exner and the Dennis Schnell. The hard working crew also deserves credit. It was beyond awesome to be part of this great adventure. I thought I knew a little about sailing... As we spoke about during our sail on the Elizabeth river, the more we learn the less we know.