Friday, June 3, 2016

the canvas ladies

I'm gonna track those canvas ladies down and give them a hug.  The new tent was a huge success!  Worked better than I could have imagined.

We had three nights with some pretty heavy showers.  Above you see the tent hanging from the boom during a lull in the rainfall in Belhaven.  

The unexpected benefit of the design was excellent air flow while keeping out the rain.  Here you can see the openings at the forward end of the tent with the vent areas around the mast and forward of the coamings.  Sure, a little rain came down the mast and into Spartina but hardly enough to notice.

And of course that is me, tracking down a radio station while sitting in comfort under the tent.  I'm not a big fan of rain, but I'll tell you it is really wonderful to sleep inside a dry, warm sleeping bag while listening to the rain fall outside.  The tent was worth every dime I spent.      


Lorenzo said...
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Lorenzo said...

Wow well done Steve, Spartina definitely has a new weapon in its cruising arsenal. If ever those canvas ladies have a pattern to make a second one , I'd definitely be interested in purchasing one!! Perhaps Rik would too?

Steve said...


saw you made it to Venice. Congratulations! I might steal a few photos. The tent is great. What I would suggest is that you steal the design ideas - I can send detailed photos - and have it made locally to get just the right fit. Great looking boat you have!


Rik said...

I am in for the details. Even though we do not have much rain here, a good sun blocker is worth gold. I have my own sewing machine and canvas... On island there are no sewers of canvas so I am forced to do it myself... I kinda like it that way.