Thursday, December 5, 2019


I have added some photographs to "the boat," "calm" and "stormy" posts that you see to the right at the top of the blog.  Photographs for the calm and storm posts are obvious, "the boat" is a catch-all for photographs that I like and that tell something about the SPARTINA.

additions to "the boat"

I really like the texture of the clouds in the photographs, plus the texture of Stuart's fine sails.

Curt caught SPARTINA at anchor when I didn't even know he was there.

And above is pre-dawn sailing on the Chester River.  I shot it with the GoPro 7 camera, and I think it is a decent photograph for shooting in low (non-existent) light.  I wish I had shot it with my iPhone XR, which has much better low light capabilities than the GoPro.  For future trips I'm considering buying a small housing for the iPhone so that I will feel more comfortable leaving it exposed (and easy to get to) while sailing.  Will have to think about that for a while.  This is the Amazon link for the case.

Above is sailing double-reefed on the Choptank.  There was a lot of wind on this last trip and thinking back now I may have spent more time reefed and double-reefed than on any other sail.

Below is filling out the log in the evening, something I do when I am tired and would just as soon slip in the sleeping bag.  It is important to me that I jot down the notes while the day's sailing is still fresh in my mind.

additions to "calm"

Both of these calm photographs were taken on very windy days.  Above is drifting out of the wind shadow of tall trees on LaTrappe Creek on the last day of the fall sail.  It is a treat to slip away from shore with a nearly imperceptible breeze.

Below is SPARTINA tied to the dock at Rock Hall not too long after dawn.  Winds were gusting in the high 20s and I was waiting for them to drop.  They did after an hour or two.  I do like the warm color of the morning sun on the deck and sails.

additions to "stormy"

The photograph above was taken on the same day as the calm photograph above it.  The wind did drop, but not by that much.  This was crossing the Chester River from Hail Point to Queenstown Creek, wind and waves on the beam.

Below is a photograph from sailing into the wind and tide up Poplar Island Narrows on day two of the fall sail.  Pretty much all day tacking up the Narrows and then over to Bloody Point  and on to Chesapeake Bay.  Just great sailing.

Decent forecast for tomorrow so I may sneak down to Betsy Town for a sail.  It might be cool enough for the first mango suit (drysuit) sail of the season.

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