Wednesday, March 30, 2022

home waters

Launched SPARTINA this morning, the first time since returning from the trip down south.  At the ramp at 9:00, launched and motored downriver with all sails up by 10:00.  I had just meant to leave SPARTINA at the dock but the wind was so nice I sailed for a few hours, tacking back and forth across the Elizabeth River.  It was a summer kind of breeze, out of the southwest, but without the benefit of heat and humidity. That will come soon enough.

Also coming soon will be the snowbirds.  Just after Easter we will see the boats, sail and power, big and small, heading north after enjoying winter in the south.  They will find a new sight in Craford Bay, the FANTASY sitting on a shoal.  The boat - I'm not quite sure if it is a ketch or a schooner - has been on her side since December, surprisingly intact after a series of winter storms.  FANTASY is the third shipwreck in the anchorage, the other two being a sunken power boat marked by buoys and the burned out hull of another power boat sitting not too far from FANTASY.  

This week I have received packages of tuna, buffalo bars and a few other supplies.  Just about a month until the North Carolina cruise.



Landlocked Sailor said...

Do you have a reverse on your motor and if so do you find yourself using it often. My goal is sailing along your lines and I'm looking at motor options to that end. Thanks for the content!

Steve said...

Not many small outboards have a reverse gear, they are generally neutral and forward, but they do swing 360 so that's how you get reverse. I do use reverse for backing out of slips, holding for bridge openings, etc, I think it is important to have. Right now I've got a Suzuki 2.5 and it is by far the best outboard I have used, both in reliability and quality of construction. Steve

Shawn Stanley said...

You don't waste any time getting back to business , do you Steve? I look forward to retirement but I have a few more years...Glad to see you are back on the water!