Sunday, March 13, 2022

the long road home, apologies

forgive me pretty baby but 
I always take the long road home...
                                                  - Tom Waits

The train schedule, a key part of my plan to get back to Charleston to retrieve my jeep and trailer, was not kind to me.  When I checked the schedule a few months ago it was ideal:  Get on the train in Palatka about 3 p.m., arrive in Charleston about 9 p.m.  Once in Palatka I went to book my reservation only to find the schedule had been changed:  Get on the train in Palatka at 9 p.m., arrive Savannah at midnight, wait in the Savannah train station until 6 a.m., then catch another train and arrive Charleston at 9 a.m.  Had I done that I suspect I would have been worthless the next day.  I mean six hours in the middle of the night in a train station, I could not see getting any good sleep there.

One way car rentals were not available.  On a whim I check Lyft, $987.00.  There were flights out of Jacksonville to Charleston by way of a layover in Miami.  The only other option was a greyhound bus.  Twelve hours, Palatka to Jacksonville to Savannah, Columbia and Charleston with a bunch of small towns and truck stops mixed in.  At least it was during the day, basically 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Not a great option but the best of the bad ones.

 And then the drive down to Palatka to retrieve SPARTINA, the drive back to Charleston where I had dinner with good fried Pete, then a good nights sleep at the hotel, and then, finally the drive back home.  

A lot of time on the road, but you know, it was worth it to make that sail.


My apologies to Enrico, David, Bob and Kent.  They were kind enough to leave comments on the blog.  I did not see them until just now and have added them to the appropriate posts.  In the thick of sailing I simply missed them.  I do always appreciate hearing from other sailors.

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