Sunday, August 7, 2022

launched, sailed, barred

Congratulations to Chris on the launching of his Phil Bolger Chebacco ARTAX.  He has been working on the 19' 8" cat yawl for a few years and she looks very nice.  I have always thought it is a nice design and no doubt he will enjoy sailing her.  

Chris emailed me about the launching and mentioned he has some questions about the rigging of the gaff-rigged main.  He asked if he could maybe sail on SPARTINA and take a look at her rigging.

I had plans to sail this morning so told him he was welcome to come along.  Calm winds and almost glassy water when he arrived, the winds filled in nicely just as we raised sail.  It was an enjoyable few hours on the river.

With the disappearance of Tanka Buffalo Cranberry bars from the market I have been in search of a new meat bar for my steak and eggs cruising breakfast.  I have already found the solution:  Jack Links Beef Strips.  I ordered a dozen from Amazon and tried one on yesterday morning's sail.  I found them to be very good.  An added bonus that was a surprise to me, they come from New Zealand.  Anything that comes from New Zealand - people, boat designs, wine, freeze dried meals and meat bars - is bound to be good.

Sometime today I should receive two dozen egg-white based RXBARS, the "eggs" of my steak and eggs breakfast, from Amazon.  A few new (to me) flavors should be mixed in:  Apple Cinnamon, Coffee Chocolate and Mint Chocolate.   All sound good.

The fall trips is still about six weeks away, yet it feels like it is getting closer and closer.

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