Thursday, April 27, 2023

people along the way

One of the true joys of sailing a boat, one that I built to get away from people, is the people I meet along the way.  Sometimes it is a very brief meeting, a minute or two, and sometimes it is a much longer interaction.

Pete, who lives in Charleston, has been a good friend for a few years now.  He has given me some good advice about the waters down south, and this past winter he was kind enough to store my truck and trailer while I was sailing to Florida.  I always enjoy getting together with Pete for a pizza and a beer.

I met Kelli early in the morning in Isle of Hope, Georgia.  I took a not very good photograph of her on a paddle board.  She responded with this wonderful photograph of SPARTINA.

Bobby in Palatka, Florida really saved me when I found there was no room at the marina for my boat.  He very kindly offered to let me leave SPARTINA at his dock while I took the train back to Charleston.

The crew of PHLYER out of Philadelphia sent me this nice photo of SPARTINA leaving the anchorage at Wally's Leg (great name, don't you think??).  In a text they offered to pick me up and tour Fernandina Beach with them that evening.  Unfortunately I could not make it that far that day.  Maybe I'll cross paths with them later.

And of course Webb, who hosted me in Hilton Head for a couple of days, has been a good friend for maybe a decade now.  

It is funny who you meet when you build a boat to get away from people.


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Clark said...

SPARTINA makes friends just like our Drascombe ONKAHYE does.