Friday, April 14, 2023

John Welsford design database

I just borrowed this photograph from Enrico's blog from a spring sail.  What caught my attention is that I believe the photograph shows three John Welsford-designed Pathfinders.  How nice!

Here is a googled translation of Enrico's log for the day:

4-05-22 Tuesday. High pressure. Still sun on the skin, still Sirocco wind in the sails. After a fairly quiet night (except for a gust of wind around 3 that causes a bit of awakening) and the usual hearty breakfast comes the usual and important moment of breefing, in which Lorenzo explains the plan of the day with any variations. For today it is planned to reach the Piscine di Molara, and then head west to the Sassi Piatti and then to the northwest to reach Porto San Paolo, the only place where it will be possible to do some shopping and replenish the galleys

Welsford designs are on my mind this morning as Lorenzo, builder of the beautiful Pathfinder ASTRID (I believe that is her at the right in the photograph), has created a database for Welsford boats.  Below is the information.  I have already added SPARTINA to the list.  If you have a Welsford design please consider adding your boat to the database.  It would be interesting to see how many Welsfords are being sailed around the world.

From Lorenzo:

The idea is that if you want to participate you can simply fill in

your data on a google sheet form and that will be used to update the

google worlwide map.

Indeed for privacy reasons you can be jsut providing your initials and

a very loosely accurate long/lat position.

I will regularly update the map from the google sheet.

Here's the link to the google document: (

And here's the link to the map: (

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