Saturday, May 18, 2024

painting the harbor red / trapped

I arrived in Ocracoke yesterday morning after a 23 nautical mile sail across Pamlico Sound.  Last night I painted the harbor red.  Today I find myself trapped.  

It was a good sail with wind just aft of beam.  Just as the tree line of the western shore disappeared behind me, the water tower and then the lighthouse on Ocracoke appeared ahead. I was very happy to arrive at a favorite island. 

Last evening I painted the harbor red.  By that I mean I scaled the image on my gps to the proper size, then tacked back and forth until the red gps track nearly filled the harbor.  It was an enjoyable sail. 

Today I checked the weather to find I might be trapped here for a couple of days.  Winds will be in the mid-20s the next couple of days.  Pamlico Sound is wide and shallow, winds like that can cause waves too large for me to sail.  I think I am a good sailor, I am better at knowing when to sail.  

With today’s wind I could have easily sailed back across the Sound.  I did not sail because I wanted to enjoy the village.  So I may be trapped here for a few days.   With a good dock and restaurants nearby, there are worse places to be trapped.  


Lorenzo said...

New artistic discipline: sail geo colouring

Anonymous said...

I never thought of that. Great idea, Lorenzo. Steve

David Swanson said...

Like you said, there are worse places to be stuck in. Walk over to Books to be Read and get some reading material, camp out in the shelter there by the docks. As they say, Been there, done that.