Monday, November 2, 2009

the best reason for having a SPOT

This sad story from the LA Times illustrates what I think it the best reason to have a SPOT satellite beacon.

Anytime search and rescue personnel are in the air or on the water they are at risk. It is the nature of their jobs, they do it gladly. Having a SPOT satellite beacon could minimize the search time in a rescue operation. Less time searching means less time at risk for the people conducting the search. From the story......

"The C-130 had been ordered to the area from its base in Sacramento to assist in the search for a boat described as a 12-foot skiff."

I don't know any details of this search and I would not suggest that anyone in particular is to blame for this tragedy. The collision might have happened regardless of having a SPOT. But it does make me realize that my adventure is not a good reason to put anybody else at unnecessary risk. Carrying a SPOT on board Spartina - in fact we carry two - increases safety on board and, at the very least, helps minimize search time by would-be rescuers. The quicker they find us, the better off we all are.


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