Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a map update

Here's a quick map update, something to give Bruce and myself room for discussion.

Yellow means anchored out, red means hotels available. Overall distance is just over 150 miles. I (along with my wallet) prefer anchoring out, Bruce prefers hotels (I do admit I have never once griped about a nice hotel, hot shower and good restaurant) - so we do a combination. Oriental and Beaufort are great waterfront towns, so I want to build in time to relax and have a beer. There is plenty of room for adjustments here, I can see some changes already.
It is getting cool outside these days, so it is fun to stay inside and look at maps.

(I like camping. I love being outdoors especially on nights like we had on the Crab House 150. But I also like the basic creature comforts provided at a nice marina and inn. So a balance of the two is commendable for Steve's planning. If I had to tip one way or the other, I would say if it is buggy with mosquitoes, get me to the motel!)


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